How much does counselling cost?

This question is asked frequently online, and I can understand why. The cost of counselling varies quite a lot, plus not all counsellors list their prices on their websites, making it difficult to get a sense of what you can expect to pay.

Searching the north Brisbane area where Cara Counselling is based, I found just a few counsellors who publish their prices, with sessions ranging from $90 to $180 for 60 minutes. My price of $95 for a one-hour appointment (or $75 for 45-minutes) sits comfortably on the low end of this range. It’s important to consider the other factors around price and value as well, for example qualifications and experience.

Consider what you need from your counsellor, and what qualifications you expect them to have, and note that a Counsellor is not the same as a Psychologist. Some counsellors have psychology qualifications, for example I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology (BSc Hons Psych) but I’m not a registered psychologist, and therefore I charge a rate that I feel is appropriate for a counsellor. Psychologists have undertaken extensive study and training (generally a four-year university degree plus a further two years of education and training to obtain general registration); it therefore seems reasonable that they have higher fees.

This ABC News Health and Wellbeing article gives a great overview on counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Or give me a call if you’d like more info or a chat about how I can help.