PRINCipal counsellor


I’m Louise Armstrong, owner and Principal Counsellor at Cara Counselling. My purpose is simply helping people, through non-judgemental, person centred counselling.

Building on a foundation of Certificates in Counselling, and Human and Social Studies, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, I have worked for over 20 years across local, state and federal government, health care, and the not for profit sectors. I am a graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, and am committed to continuing professional development. In addition to one on one counselling, my roles have included employee assistance, bullying and harassment support, and counselling employees and teams through a variety of issues. I have extensive skills and experience in ensuring that different viewpoints are considered, and supporting people to consider information from diverse sources in their decision making. Trust, respect and integrity are core values; with open and transparent communication I build cooperation and collaboration with my clients, tailoring my approach to suit each individual.

As a Counsellor, I provide confidential support through developing a collaborative relationship with each client. I help to identify and define issues, and support my clients to gain insights, explore options, set goals, make decisions, and take action. Each individual client is unique, and we work through these stages at the client’s pace; there is no pressure or set schedule apart from the client’s own goals. I simply help each client to get there on their own terms.

Qualifications & Memberships

University of Liverpool

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Psychology (Hons)


Master of Management - Human Resources


Advanced Workplace Counselling

British psychological society

Graduate Member (MBPsS)